Starting off this week, I wanna talk about freelancing as a developer. Freelancing is the idea of working individually with different clients, rather than being employed by a single company. You won't have the exact same income from month to month, but you'll instead be taking on projects and getting paid for your time on those projects. It's also possible to do maintenance / ongoing work on a retainer, or even a combination of the two.

Freelancing can be a very lucrative and attractive career, becase you get to be your own boss. You choose which clients to work with, and you choose your own wage. This is obviously great to make more money, achieve a better work/life balance, or simply for the freedom of working when and wherever you want.

However, there's some downsides to freelancing too. You won't have a guaranteed paycheck come in, you'll spend a lot of time getting / communicating with clients, and it can even get lonely without colleagues to chat with every day.

Whether freelancing is for you is a personal choice, but if you decide to pursue it, you'll want to check out this thread:

I made £500K+ from freelancing in the last 4 years without working all the time. Here's everything I learned. A thread.

Tom Hirst is a legendary freelancer, and this thread presents everything you'll want to know based on his freelancing career and personal experience. I highly recommend checking it out to learn more about freelancing as a developer.