Everybody makes mistakes

Everybody has those days.

In case you didn't notice, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp was down this week. Something I don't recall ever happening on this scale - and the services were down for several hours! Of course we'll never know the exact monetary implications of this, but I did my own simplified calculation:

Facebook's annual revenue was ~$86 billion in 2020. There's ~526,000 minutes in a year. For every minute Facebook is down, they lose $163,622.

$163,622 per minute. With about 6 hours of downtime, that totals to **$59,000,000.**Not to mention the fallen stock price wiped billions off the total company value.

That's a lot of money.

Facebook said the culprit was changes to their underlying internet infrastructure that coordinates traffic between their data centers.

Now I'm sure we've all made mistakes before - in our personal lives, in our code and in our jobs - but I'm positive that none of our mistakes has ever led to the literal loss of millions of dollars.

Try to remember that when you screw up at work, or you find bugs in your code. If it can happen to one of the worlds largest tech companies, it can happen to you too.

But that's just how life goes. We're all human, and we're gonna make mistakes. You can't fight it.

All you can do is try your best to plan around potential mistakes. And when they inevitably do happen, just learn as much as you can from them and move on. Don't let it get you down 🔥