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Building projects

Mads Brodt ā€¢ August, 2021

2 min read

When people ask me how to best improve their development skills or learn to code, I always recommend building real projects.

The reason I say that is because that's exactly what worked for me. When I was just starting out on my coding journey, I would read lots of articles and watch lots of videos. I felt productive and like I was learning.

But I wasn't. None of these actually helped me learning to code. Of course you'll need some basic info and high-level overview that these resources provide, but the only way to really learn is to get your hands dirty and code things yourself.

Some of the projects I built early on was a weather application, a website for my own IT support business, and a personal portfolio. I later moved to more advanced projects like actual client websites, full-blown web applications and e-commerce stores. Of course you gotta start small, but all these projects are BY FAR where I learned the most and improved the quickest as a developer.

The cool part is that these projects can be anything you like. You can choose whichever technology you want, and just get started. A great project is something you're passionate about, or something that solves a personal problem in your life. But there's also great lists of project ideas on the internet, especially designed for beginners. Below are two cool resources with ideas of JavaScript projects that I recommend checking out. And, of course, just checking them out isn't enough - you gotta actually build some of them to learn šŸ’Ŗ

ā€‹Freecodecamp JavaScript projects for beginners and 30 JS coding challenges in 30 daysā€‹


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